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Seedling Mentor Program

Seedling’s mission is to mitigate the impact of parental incarceration on children in Central Texas through school-based mentoring.


Seedling Mentor Program

The Seedling Mentor Program is designed to provide children with a long-term, positive relationship that helps them navigate the challenges experienced during an extended period of family separation due to parental incarceration and help children develop or maintain positive attitudes towards education.

Our Vision

All children in Central Texas who have an incarcerated parent have the opportunity to thrive.

Our Work

Seedling Mentor Program has served over 2000 students on 150+ campuses in 11 districts and 16 charter schools in Austin and Central Texas.

Our Mission

Seedling mitigates the impact of parental incarceration on children in Central Texas through school-based mentoring.

Your Support

Seedling is made up of people just like you who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children in our public schools.

Donate Today!

Seedling serves over 600 children each year, and always has children eager and waiting for a mentor. Your donation will help Seedling provide training and support to current mentors, and will provide mentors to students who don’t have one yet.

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Why Become a Seedling Mentor?

Seedling has nearly 100 students on its waiting list. You can reduce that number.  When you mentor, you directly impact a child’s life.

The Seedling Mentor Program has matched over 2,000 deserving students with caring, adult mentors who provide them with a consistent presence of a supportive and encouraging friend. You make a direct impact when you volunteer your time.

Thanks to Seedling donors and mentors, we are able to reach over 100 schools in 11 different school districts, as well as 16 charters. Program enrollment grows most years an average of 10-20%, making volunteer mentors critical to meeting that demand. Please help us reach each of the 8,000 children in Central Texas who deserve a compassionate, trained mentor! 

We are now accepting mentor applications for the 2021-2022 school year!
Apply today to begin your mentoring journey!

“When we spend time together, we play games, we egg each other on and goof. Sometimes we tell jokes, and look up science facts and talk about all kinds of things.”

Seedling Mentor, Richard

“My mentee seems to truly enjoy the one on one attention she gets from me. I am there to listen and to cheer her on as she dreams of the future, and I think that is something she values deeply.”

Seedling Mentor, Veronica

Thinking About Mentoring?

Your only time commitment is one lunch a week for 30-45 minutes, for at least one school year.

Spend lunch being a hero! Seedling has nearly 100 students on its waiting list.

    We welcome your application now to mentor in the 2021-2022 school year. We will keep in contact with you throughout the summer and invite you to New Mentor Orientation for dates beginning in early Fall. Thank you for your interest and support!

    →  A safe place to learn, play and grow
    →  Supportive relationships with caring mentors
    →  Enriching experiences and activities
    →  Provide a meaningful relationship the child can depend on

    Why your Donation Directly Helps a Child in Need

    It costs Seedling approximately $1,119 each year to support one child. We want no child to go without a quality mentor. That requires financial support for training and to reach these deserving kids.

    Over 2,000 deserving students have received support of being matched with a caring, adult mentor who provides compassion and a stable relationship. In the most recent survey, 93% of Seedling mentees report feeling close to their mentor, and this affects many areas of their lives such as increased school performance.

    “My mentor is always here for me when I need him and he keeps me focused in school.”

    Seedling Mentee, 6th Grade, Alex

    “My mentor helps me share my feelings and gives me confidence in myself.”

    Seedling Mentee, 8th Grade, Isabella
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    Board of Directors

    Latest News and Events

    Press Release 8.3.2021 Seedling Appoints Board President and Six Board Members

    Press Release 8.3.2021 Seedling Appoints Board President and Six Board Members

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dan Leal, Executive Director (512) 323-6371 (phone) Seedling Names ACC Vice President Tucker as Board Chair Austin, TX. August 3, 2021 - Seedling,
    Virtual Mentoring Instructions for Mentors

    Virtual Mentoring Instructions for Mentors

    Video Instructions Virtual Activity Ideas Written - PDF Mentor Instructions Download
    A Note From Dan

    A Note From Dan

    It’s hard to believe that this school year is coming to an end. These last twelve months will be studied in the coming years for a myriad of

    The feeling of helping a child build resilience and hope is priceless.

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