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End of the Year F.A.Q.

The end of the school year is nigh, and you may be wondering, “what happens next?” One of the questions we get asked the most is if you will be reunited with the same mentee in the fall. The answer is yes, as long as both of you wish to continue! We support our matches as long as both mentee and mentor are interested in staying matched. Keeping matches together involves a lot of moving parts, and there are other considerations to take into account when preparing for the end of the school year. If you haven’t already had a conversation with your mentee about your plans for next year, please see these helpful articles with tips on how to do so. 

Perhaps you have a mentee who is moving to middle or high school next year, and you’re wondering about what to expect. Your Mentor Directors have you covered! Every fall, Seedling hosts a training for mentors who will be following their mentee to middle and high school. We will guide you through the transition, from understanding your mentee’s social and emotional developmental stages to an overview of campus logistics at various grade levels. Keep an eye out for an email inviting you to this training in late August. Since middle and high school schedules take more time to solidify (i.e., electives and lunch times), please keep in mind that it may take a little bit longer than usual to get reconnected to your mentee while these details are sorted.

You might be wondering what to expect if your mentee changes schools or moves over the summer. Seedling staff spend the beginning of the school year confirming the enrollment of all established Seedling mentees. This means that if they are not enrolled at the school they previously attended, we will work to find them and Seedling staff will check with you to verify that you have the ability to mentor at the new location before moving forward.

For those of you planning to continue your current match, here’s what you can expect: Around the beginning of the school year your Mentor Director (who may be different from your current MD) will reach out to confirm that you are planning to continue. At the same time they will be working behind the scenes to confirm where your mentee is enrolled. Working together with the School Contact on campus, your Mentor Director will aim to get you mentoring as soon as possible. The beginning of the school year can be extra hectic, so please follow the lead of the School Contact. Many schools choose to wait until after Labor Day to begin mentoring.

Lastly, what if your match has ended and you wish to be matched with a new mentee? If your match closes, your Mentor Director will guide you through the closure steps. Once that has happened, you would express to your Mentor Director that you’d like to be rematched. We will match you starting in September through February, with a new mentee via the same process through which you were originally matched – shared interests and geographic proximity. While it’s sad when a mentoring match ends, we always have students waiting for mentors, and we appreciate those mentors that are willing to start the magic of mentoring with a new student who could use a friend. Should you have any questions about this process, these scenarios, or any other mentoring questions, remember your Mentor Director is always eager to help and just a phone call away!

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