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End of Year

Will I have the same mentee next year?

Will I keep the same mentee next year? What if my mentee's parent is released? As long as the child and the caregiver continue to agree to participation, Seedling will support a continued match for any mentee enrolled in any Austin ISD school or a district or charter nearby, even if the incarcerated loved one [...]

Taking A Break For The Summer

While school won't reconvene for 11 weeks, Seedling staff will be planning and readying a smooth transition for you to continue mentoring in September. Most of our Mentor Directors do not work during the summer months, but feel free to contact us at the Seedling Office at (512) 323-6371 or at When you begin [...]

Summer Pen Pal Program

Caregivers and mentees understand from the onset of the relationship that Seedling is a school-based program, and that mentors have contact with the children only at school. There is just one approved option for staying in contact through the summer, which is writing letters for U.S. mail. The Summer Pen Pal option is simple and [...]

My Mentee Is Thrilled About Summer, Right?

Who wouldn’t be happy about having no homework, sleeping a little later, and playing outside in the sunshine? But summer may include some other differences for your mentee. You might be surprised by some issues that could result in subtle signs of anxiety in your next few visits. For many children, school represents a place [...]

I do/do not plan to continue mentoring next year.

We sincerely hope that every mentoring relationship will be continued next school year. Research tells us that match longevity is key to the lasting benefit of the experience. The fact is, however, we cannot know what events in the life of the mentor or the mentee might make it impossible to see one another again. [...]

Healthy Closure

As a mentor, your primary focus is getting to know the wonderful young person for whom you have created a space in your heart. Your attention is in the present moment. As your relationship progresses, most likely the farthest thing from your mind is the thought of saying goodbye. You may even decide you will [...]

Closure in a Time of Social Distancing

Whether your match is ending for the school year or closing permanently, providing a positive sense of closure is vitally important. Each school year around this time, we encourage mentors to begin discussions about reconnecting in the fall or conversations about closure of the match. Preparing for these conversations early allows ample time for processing [...]

Closure Activities

For End of Year (or for Relationship Closure) There are many ways to say goodbye. If there is not something on this page that appeals to you, please feel free to reach out to your Mentor Director to brainstorm ideas. Create a Memory Book together your mentee can have when you are finished. Your local [...]

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