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Thinking About The Holidays

Navigating the holidays in a mentoring relationship can be tricky. As Seedling mentors we are sensitive to the fact that some households may not celebrate holidays we hold dear. This reality might be due to religious practice, financial distress or family strife. The safest and most effective open-ended questions on the topic are: “What do [...]

Reconnecting After A Break

After a holiday or summer break, it’s important that mentors re-establish a connection and return to regular visits as soon as possible. A great way to do this is to go back to the routines set up prior to the break. Children thrive on routine and regular schedules. If at all possible, visiting the same [...]

Cultivating Gratitude During The Holidays

The holidays can provide other kinds of opportunities to enrich your relationship with your mentee, like having a meaningful conversation about gratitude. Research confirms that focusing on strengths can improve a person’s life considerably. Cultivating gratitude, a practice that focuses on strengths, can reduce the stressors associated with the holidays or life in general, for [...]

Being Present is the Present

At this time of year, mentors often ask “may I give my mentee a holiday gift?”  Seedling believes that you are the gift, along with the time and undivided attention you bestow on your mentee each week. However, if you elect to give your mentee a holiday present, we strongly encourage it to be relationship [...]

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