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Special Dates and Calendars

Monthly Mentor Trainings

Friday, November 15, 11:30 am
Reporting Abuse
Knowing signs, symptoms and behaviors that indicate abuse or neglect is imperative in keeping children safe. The Center for Child Protection will teach Seedling Mentors how to be prepared if a child discloses abuse or neglect.

North Austin

Monday, December 16, 11:30 am
Activites for Enhancing the Mentoring Relationship

Central Austin

AISD No School For Students

Monday, November 11

High Schools: Ann Richards, Crockett, Travis

Middle Schools: Bedicheck, Covington, Lively, Mendez

Elementary Schools: Becker, Boone, Cunningham, Dawson, Galindo, Houston, Joslin, Linder, Odom, Pleasant Hill, Rodriguez, St. Elmo, Sunset Valley, Travis Heights, Uphaus, Widén, Williams

Monday November 25 – Friday November 29

All Students – Thanksgiving Holiday

District Calendars

Click on the district in which you mentor to see its calendar with holidays, half days, test days or when classes start and end for the semester and school year. Note that changes may occur based on inclement weather or other district decisions. If you’re ever unsure about whether your campus is open to visitors, contact your Mentor Director or your campus Seedling School Contact.

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