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Why We Mentor

What our Mentees Say

Parental Incarceration is one of ten traumatic experiences that can happen in childhood that scientists and doctors have labeled as Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs.  Experiencing ACEs in childhood can lead to permanent impacts on physical and emotional health and quality of life. Research tells us that mentoring has a positive impact on youth.  In [...]

What Does Your Mentee Say About You?

Among the many aspects of the Seedling Mentor Program that help us maintain the high standards of excellence is the rigor of our comprehensive annual program evaluation. An external researcher analyzes the results of on-line surveys of mentors, teachers, and School Contacts. We also look to see what trickle-down outcomes there may be in terms [...]

The Power of Sharing

Many mentors believe their Seedling experience must be kept confidential. While the identity and specifics about your mentee like their full name and family information must be kept private, we want you to share your story! Telling others about your experience helps spread Seedling’s mission.  We are always seeking more dedicated volunteers like you, and [...]

The Impact You Make

Week in and week out you show up. You come ready to listen, read a book, or play games. Sometimes you may get a smile, a hug, or a high five. Other times, when you don’t, you might wonder, “Am I making a difference?” Each year, Seedling surveys mentees to gauge our success and ensure [...]

SEEDLING: A Prescription For Success

What We Do What We Do As a Seedling mentor we are a consistent (we show up each week), supportive (we are that trusted listener, a sounding board for that student) presence of an adult friend. We are this person, this source of encouragement and empathy for our mentee. We go each week and sometimes [...]

From the Mentor Directors

The new school year is a time of transitions and new beginnings for all of us. For all of our mentors, it will mark a new chapter in your mentoring relationship, for some of you it may be the big jump from elementary to middle school. And some of you may be transitioning to the [...]

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